Manchester, MI 48158


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He is a loyal dog and friendly to most people upon meeting. Outside of home he tends to be very timid. I tried obedience classes, but he was too nervous and freaked out by the slick floor that it was pointless at the facility. He picked up commands quickly; he is very smart. I have 3 small children, 4 cats, and 4 dogs, and I'm not able to give him the attention he craves or deserves. He loves affection and would be a good companion for someone with the time to work with him. He needs to learn manners. He's come a long way in the 2 years I've had him! The poor thing was in a shelter for the first 2.5yrs of life (where he was somewhat neglected) and did not acquire those social skills. But he loves to play with other dogs and is generally good with them. He just doesn't like to have to vie for affection. I've been working on his not scoping out the counters for food; it's as if he doesn't trust I will provide him with enough food, likely a result of the shelter. Negative reinforcing is counterproductive with him, so I've had difficulty with this. But he responds amazing for treats and love. It breaks my heart I cannot devote to him the time he needs, but I hope I can find him a home so that I know he's happy and loved. I've helped save him from a neglectful situation, and for that I am happy. PLEASE! Someone give him what I cannot. I love him.

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