Teddy Prints Jr

Olympia, WA 98502

  • Name : Teddy Prints Jr
  • Breed : Pit Mix
  • Gender : Male
  • Size : medium

About this pet

Teddy: 4.5-5 years old. 45-50 pounds. Hard leaner and chiller. He’s super snuggly and just wants to be where ever you are in the house. Cantankerous and resilent. He walks on the leash really well and knows basic commands. “Sit, stay, leave it, all the way down, right here right now, come left or right, back up. Gimme me paw (and other paw)” he was in training to be a service pup before his temperment was concluded to be “not best suited for the position”...so he knows a couple physical service/working dog tasks. He knows how to “brace” and “counter balance”. He also alerts when blood sugar is low. His current person uses a wheelchair and has never been aggressive with wheelchairs or walkers. Has a high need to please his person. Heavily treat/food motivated. Super shy with other dogs and hypermasculine males. He was raised to be a bait dog in his early years. Before i rescued him. And some previous trauma he has around that, that I have not been able to break with him in my 4 years of having him is resource aggression around food and toys. He also does not like heavy shoes or athletic shoes sometimes. What that looks like in the moment is his traumatic response being to lunge and mouth your feet. I havent ever seen him try to go after anything above the ankles before ever.. he has gotten way better at it since ive had him. But it has hit a point that I cannot support him affectively with his next phase of recovery. With an experienced handler who has a history of working with “problematic dogs” he can get even better. He is unfortunately beyond my skill set. Dietary stuff: i feed him raw. Dry food even the beaugie stuff makes him really itchy and his fur falls out. He likes chicken and turkey necks. Carrots, blue berries, strawberries, black. Berries, cauliflower, And broccoli. Housing needs: he really has the best time living with effiminate men/trans/queer folks that are nelly. he needs to live in a spot that is just him. Where he has access to outside and a yard to bounce around in.or 2-3 walks a day (he is a sprinter not a marathoner so he is pretty over walking after the 15-20 minute marker) He will play fetch. But tug of war is his favorite. Not suitable for a farm. Just a heads up.

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