Las Vegas, NV 89131

  • Name : Macey
  • Breed : Sheppard Mix
  • Gender : Female
  • Size : medium

About this pet

Macey is 4 years old, she weighs 48lbs. She was rescued by my sister in SoCal when she was almost a year old. She appeared to have been hit by a car because she wasn't using her right rear leg. They had bloodwork and xrays done, but because it had already healed and it wasn't bothering her, they didn't do anything about it. She runs on the other 3 legs. My sister had to move and could not keep Macey at her rental. I took her in on 7/2/18. Last week Macey and my female dog fought, but my dog sustained injuries and did not recover. I have two remaining male dogs, but one is elderly and they are both smaller. We would like to find Macey a loving home where she is an only dog or with a male dog who is comparable to her size. I would not suggest putting her with another female. (I didn't know) She is a sweetheart, very protective of her family and loyal. Macey is completely caught up on vaccinations.

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