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Charlie is 3.5 years old. 110 lbs. black German Shepherd. Mom is papered Czech that’s a police dog in Colorado and Dad is not papered but from Germany. He is a sweet dog that’s always been an inside dog. He hasn’t gotten to experience camping or dog parks because he wasn’t socialized well as a puppy. With proper training, he could learn. He is kennel trained. He’s great with cats. Hasn’t been around other dogs. He’s currently with a family with 3 kids. He’s great with the 7 year old and nervous around the 3 year old. Kisses the youngest baby. Never bitten anyone. Thrives on learning new tricks and doing old ones. And lots of attention. Ideally he’s with a family with no kids who can give him what he needs. Time. Attention. He is very obedient with the skills he does know. Like sit, stay, place, leave it, play dead, fetch, etc. his biggest weakness is meeting new people (he barks. Remember?) and that’s our fault for not socializing him well enough as a puppy. Turns out, getting a puppy while having a 3 week old baby isn’t a good combo. We woke up out of newborn coma and our puppy had turned into a protective dog in just a matter of a couple months! So here’s his story. I want someone to know what they’re getting into when choosing him. He’s very sweet but he’s not Air Bud who can be around just anyone. Until he’s been trained properly. He’s also not fixed.

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