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Bear came to us about 3 weeks ago. He was found wandering up at a logging site and one of the log trk drivers took him home. The driver came to my work and told me about him and said he couldn't keep him, as he lives in a condominium, but didn't want to take him to the shelter. after 4 days of us trying to find him a home, he said he had to give him up. I have 2 rescue pit bulls (1 male/1 female) and live on a farm and I told him I would take him for the weekend and see how he did to buy some more time. The first day was wonderful and my dog Tater and him got along great. Unfortunately, it only lasted about a couple days. By end of day 2, they started acting aggressive towards each other and within the next hour they had a fight. My boy was rescued from a fighting ring in Eastern Wa and I was told he was used as a "bait dog". He is very anxious and has only been around my older female pit (Kona) since we took him in. Bear is only 8 months old (based on vet exam) and is a really big (close to 80 lbs) and active boy. I think Bears activity, mixed with Tater's anxiety is what started the fight. So, where we are at now..... I don't want to turn Bear into a shelter...he is a wonderful big sweet loving dog, but I am having to keep he and Tater in separate parts of the house and it is simply not working out. Bear cries endlessly when there is no one in his part of the house with him (he LOVES human interaction) and my 2 dogs can't have access to their entire home anymore which creates more anxiety for Tater. I did take Bear in for exam the first week I had him. He was given all his vaccines and is in excellent health for being a stray. He is not neutered, but I would be willing to if that would get him a loving home. He is such a great dog...I wish so bad that we could keep him, but I just can't cause my boy more anxiety than he all ready has. I know the right person, or family, would fall in love with him within minutes of meeting him, as we did, and they would have the best dog for life.

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