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7 Years Old, 73 lbs, very loving however suffers from anxiety which has gotten worse with our new baby. She would do best in single dog family, however she gets along great with other dogs; the reason I say this is I know she will strive not feeling jealous of other dogs getting attention. She tends to push our other two dogs out of the way or snap at them if she doesn't like the attention they are getting. She would do ok with older kids, she is loving and likes to lean into people with all of her weight and that knocks young children/elderly over. She also nips peoples arms or hands for attention, I don't know if this is because of our other dogs or if it will continue when she is alone. She is potty trained but will pee when overly stimulated by new visitors, we just give her a little time to calm down a bit and then she doesn't have an accident. She loves walks but is a puller, we have found the snout leash to work best. She is a very loving sweet dog that just wants to be a lap dog and cuddle with anyone that will let her, we love her but she is now often confined to a separate room when family comes over because of her jealousy behavior and that isn't what we want for her.

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