Dumfries, VA 22026

  • Name : Simba
  • Breed : Orange Tabby
  • Gender : Male
  • Size : medium

About this pet

Simba is a 4 and a half year old, neutered, orange tabby cat. He is a friendly and sweet animal once he warms up to you and loves cuddling. He enjoys playing fetch (yes, he will bring back some of his toys when you throw them across the room), wet food, treats and the occasional catnip. He is very curious by nature, but what kitty isn't? He can be a little jumpy around loud noises, but that doesn't stop him from continuing to do what he was doing. I used to house a female cat before with a previous roommate and they got along just fine, he enjoyed having the playmate and the cuddling company. Please message me if you can offer Simba a good home

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