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This was a dump off kitty and front declawed! I went to visit my brother at Rutledge Mobile Home Park in Clinton Twp. He keeps his door open about 6 inches so family can just walk in. This kitty has visited him before and will not leave.He is the most lovable cat you would ever want to have. He runs to people arriving, he loves people! but very scared of other cats. So I was there at 2:00 a.m., cold outside, he came in. He was licking and biting himself. I ran him over to the E.R. Vet and sure enough he had flees, with a high fever, maybe stress. He is fine now. Was treated for flees and had blood work. Asked the Vet how old he is and she said there is no way of telling, maybe 4-5, he loves to snuggle on my lap and chest and play. My cats are 15 and 16. I am 64 yrs old and really should not have another young cat because I do not have a backup plan should something happen to me. If anybody could give him a loving home, please adopt this lover! Thank You!!

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