Maia Belle

Loveland, CO 80538


About this pet

Maia Belle is a sweet, smart, healthy 11 year old Carolina Dog mix. We adopted her when she was about 2-3 years old. If you don’t know anything about Carolina Dogs, a Google search will fill you in. Maia fits this description quite well - Loyal, Independent, Reserved with Strangers. She is a herder and happiest within her own pack (those she lives with and close friends who visit frequently). She has slowed her pace a bit and enjoys sleeping most of the day, in between walks, breakfast, dinner, and some treats! She would be happiest in a quiet home with no children who live there or visit frequently. She has lost most of her hearing and her eyesight is not what it used to be, but she is still smart as a tack. She would respond well to any training you would care to do (she currently has a handful of “tricks”). Maia would be happy to have a fenced yard, and perhaps a dog or cat to play with!

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