Charlotte, NC 28227

  • Name : Murphy
  • Breed : Irish Terrier
  • Gender : Male
  • Size : medium

About this pet

Purebred Irish Terrier, born on 28 April 2014. He is VERY sweet dog and its great with children. Does not bark unless someone knocks at the door or someone approaches the house. He loves attention, hugs, belly rubs, sitting or laying by or on you. He has good allergy, cannot eat poultry/ poultry by products, wheat or corn. He eats Blue Buffallo Wilderness Rocky Mountain in beef, salmon, red meat, bison. He does not over eat, his plate is always full and he eats when he wants to. He is house trained, if he needs to go outside or he's plate is empty (and he'shungry), he will let you know by raising both of his front legs. He is neutered and chipped.

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