Carrollton, TX 75024

  • Name : Koda
  • Breed : Lab Mix
  • Gender : Male
  • Size : medium

About this pet

Hi. I am trying to find a home for a black lab puppy that we rescued last week from a rural shelter that needed some help. He has been through an awful lot and I want to get him into a new home quickly. He is a wonderful dog and will be a great family member. Here is the story about Koda… My daughter was coming home from Texas AM last weekend and she stopped by this rural animal shelter that our family supports financially. It is run by the town minister and his family and they are overwhelmed right now because a lady dropped off 11 dogs last week that she had on her ranch and said she could not care for them. Koda was one of the 11 dogs. He is a 10 month old black lab. He weighs 34 lbs. and is petite. He is in good health, has had his shots, is Heartworm negative and is neutered. They gave us a copy of his health records and rabies tag. He was brought to this shelter in June. His personality is super sweet and loving but he has some trust issues. He is already making huge progress just being at our house for a week. He was originally kept mostly outside but is quickly learning to love being indoors and being in his crate. I am walking him and he does well considering he’s never been on a leash. Im using a harness with him and that works well. He sleeps in a crate and is crated when I leave the house. I work from home so he is usually inside with me. He has been in the car twice but was not a fan. I don’t think he had ever been in the car before. He has a few scratch scars on his stomach so I think he had to compete for food. He has always been around many other dogs but I think he is really missing his canine companionship. He is a wonderful dog! I can’t say enough great things about him. He does seem to have trust issue with men and does better with women. I think he would benefit from having another dog companion. I think he misses his pack. He has always been with at least 10 other dogs. Unfortunately we are not in a position to keep him at this time. He is a wonderful puppy and deserves to have a wonderful life. If you can help us find him a forever home we would be so grateful.

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