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Falcor is an energetic, loving dog who needs a stable and child free home. He is three and a half years old, and weighs 25 pounds. Like his "Neverending Story" namesake, Falcor is a majestic and magical creature. With this naturally smooth forehead and long white mane, he turns heads wherever he goes! He is a smart boy, with plenty of energy and love to share. Falcor's favorite things to do include running, playing fetch, and snuggling. He is very affectionate and intelligent. He communicates well (and often) and uses facial expressions. He is observant of the world around him. Unfortunately, he also had a rough start in life and has occasionally shown mild signs of aggression. He has never drawn blood, but he has snapped at strangers a time or two when he felt they were too close. For this reason, we do not believe a household with small children would be an appropriate match. Once he trusts a person, however, he is very sweet and eager to please. Falcor is up to date on all of his immunizations, and has been altered and microchipped. He has been on heartworm prevention (Interceptor), as well as flea and tick prevention (Bravecto), since he was roughly 6 months old. He has had annual checkups every year. His last dental exam was roughly two months ago, and no action was recommended. However, he is missing some teeth from the sides of his mouth, including his canines (we suspect that this was a consequence of the abuse he sustained as a puppy). He has front teeth and molars, but nothing in between. It's just another part of his unique character! An ideal home for Falcor would be a person or couple with no small (10 and under, preteens and teens are fine) children. He also loves to run and play, so someone who is active (hikes, swims, etc) or has a yard would be a great fit. We would like to see him with someone who is affectionate and understanding towards dogs, because Falcor is a very loyal and compassionate companion with lots to give.

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