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3 years old, approx 7-9lbs. We found her in our garage at 4-6 wks old. She has had shots & has been spay. We are the only people see has been around. She does get nervous around strangers. She should be the only pet in the house. We only say that because she has not been around other animals. There should not be small children living in the home. Our grandchildren are fine around her however she will not let them pet or play with her & she will hiss at them. Chloe is a member of our family! My husband is allergic to cats however he fell in love with her also when we found her in our garage. His allergies have become more bothersome and the medication to relieve his symptoms is interfering with prescription medication. She has been an indoor cat only. She is very well behaved, very smart, loves to play and enjoys her afternoon naps. Her new family should be patient with her in the beginning so that she can get comfortable with her new surroundings and build trust with the new people in her life. Her cat tower, favorite blanket, litter box, litter, toys, 2 scratching posts, food bowls and food will come with her. We would really like to find her a forever home. We hoped it was with us. If you are interested or have questions please contact us.

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