Tater Tot aka TT

Wayland, MI 49348


About this pet

Tatertot AKA TT is a 5 year old black and white female pit bull labrador mix. To say she is the most loving dog I’ve ever known is an understatement. She has an insatiable need for love and companionship from her humans. TT is high energy and excited a lot of the time and ready to go any and everywhere. She loves riding in the car and just getting out of the house. She is a very curious pup, nosey about everything you are doing but sometimes timid. I’ve noticed this mostly happens around taller men with beards or hats. Sometimes I also think they can just sense something is off and I trust her instincts. In these situations, her reaction is generally timid and shaky or hiding behind mom. TT spent some time at Boot Camp with Kim’s K9 and learned a lot of helpful tools. She will walk peacefully on a leash by my side and be happy to do so. TT will sit and lay down with a voice command or hand signal. She knows “off” to mean get down off of whatever she may be jumping at or off the furniture. She will sleep in your bed if you let her, she loves snuggling more than anything but I mostly keep her to her own bed or on the couch. She will wait in position wherever you tell her, even if the outside door is open or she is in her kennel excited to exit. She knows “kennel” to mean it’s time to go in. She also knows it means mom’s leaving, sometimes she’s a little more stubborn about it but 95% of the time she trots right in. TT loves playing with kids and is very gentle. If people start rough housing, she gets rougher as well IE: jumpy, mouth open play. She reacts the same way with screaming / yelling. She is not aggressive but she is 50lbs of muscle and does not understand how she is throwing her weight around. I try not to let her get to this point as it is a little tougher to calm her down. She is very intelligent and my trainer has advised me that she could easily be taught a trigger word or phrase that means “play time is over, stop what you’re doing now” but I have not had time to work on that. A high volume, high energy household (multiple kids) will bring out this side of her, but as long as she is well exercised there will be no trouble controlling her. We spend a bit of time at daycare, averaging once per week and sometimes on the weekends so she has a lot of interaction with other dogs. I’ve had cats in the house and she is curious and wanting to play with them much more than they are interested. I don’t know how she would react if a cat behaved in an unfavorable or negative manor. Vaccines are all up to date and she takes a monthly heart worm pill. We use flea and tick repellant year round. TT is spayed, micro chipped and also has a bladder issue since I’ve had her at 8weeks. It is completely manageable with a medication called Proin taken once per day and runs about $40 for approximately 4 month supply. TT is looking for a best friend to tag along with and show a lot of love and support. She will be anywhere and do anything you need her to do with a smile on her face.

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