Troy, MI 48098


About this pet

We adopted Nikko from a local no-kill shelter a few years ago when he was approximately 3 years old. He can be very sweet and lovable. He was a handful when we first got him and I couldn't control him even though we took him to a few different training programs. He is also a "fear biter." After he bit someone we took him to local training program, where they kept him for about 12 weeks and trained him using an e-collar. He came back much calmer and I could walk him much more easily without him pulling my arm off. Unfortunately, my husband is not interested in following the advise or training protocols set out to us by the trainers or in using the e-collar on the dog. Therefore, Nikko has bitten a couple of people after the training. I feel that if there is someone who can provide him more consistent training and will follow a training protocol more consistently, he could make a good pet. I do not think it is advisable for us to keep him.

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