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German Shepherd Dog / Mixed Dog


About this Dog

More of a ladies’ “man”, 4-year-old Castro is his cutest and most cuddly in their company, resting his head on them and raising his paw for affection. The 70-pound former stray is also extremely energetic, thriving on walks, runs, and hikes, while he gets along better with some dogs than others. He enjoys playing with toys, especially tennis balls, loves meat treats and toothbrush treats, accepting them gently, and being motivated by toys and love, currently knows “come”, “sit” and “stay” and is almost fully housetrained. Not a fan of baths or of being brushed, he tends to be protective of his people and jumps up, play bites and pulls on his leash when excited. With so much potential and much still to learn, Castro’s ideal home is one with a firm but loving “pack leader” to hone his doggy manners, complete his education and polish his socialization skills while keeping him mentally and physically satisfied fur-ever.   Animal Rescue of the Rockies believes that every pet should find a wonderful, caring home. To ensure each pet finds the best possible home, we ask that you fill out our Adoption Application so we can learn more about you and your household. We review each application we receive and will contact you within 48 hours. If your home sounds like a good match for you and the pet, the next step is to set up a "meet and greet." After meeting the pet, if you would like to proceed with adopting, we'll ask that you read and sign our Adoption Agreement and pay the adoption fee. Our adoption fees help cover the costs of saving more lives! A home visit will be scheduled within one week of your new pet going home with you. The adoption fee for this pet is $300. Our adoption fee covers the following: - Spay/Neuter, Microchip - DAPP vaccinations as age appropriate for dog - adopter shall be responsible for all DAPP boosters after adoption. - Rabies vaccinations as age appropriate for dog - adopter shall be responsible for any rabies vaccinations after adoption. If you are interested in adopting, please fill out an adoption application by clicking here .   We want our pets to go to a lifelong new home, so thank you for your patience during the adoption process! Please email [email protected] for more information, as we can not accept calls at this time.