Cat adoption in Laramie, WY, 82070
American Shorthair (medium coat) Cat


About this Cat

Muffel came to LAWS with her brother Dudley when they were just a few weeks old.  They were found severely underweight and malnourished.  They’ve been loved and cared for by their foster family and have blossomed into wonderful little kittens.  Muffel is quiet, observant, and very intelligent.  She has a sweet, loving, and easy going personality.  She has gorgeous medium length fur with gray wisps throughout.  She loves to be petted, which is good because she will need to be brushed as she gets older.  Muffel loves to play with all types of toys, other kittens, and even the dogs tail.  She gets along with other kittens, cats and gentle dogs.  Muffel has a beautiful little soul and deserves to be treated with great kindness, love, and devotion.  She will love beyond measure anyone willing to do so.  Her foster family will miss her dearly and hope that she will find the very best forever home!  

How much would you like to contribute to Muffel's wallet?


$30 USD will add 93.133 Dogecoin to Muffel's wallet.

How will Muffel receive the dogecoin?

The adopting family is the only party eligible to receive the Dogecoin. The adopting family will be required to provide proof of adoption between 4-6 weeks after adoption. This is to ensure that the home is a good match and Muffel was not returned. After we have verified the adoption, Muffel’s Dogecoin balance will be sent to the adopting family. Our staff provides instructions and help throughout this process.

Can I pay with Dogecoin?

Yes, on the next step of this process, you will see the option to pay with Dogecoin or other Cryptocurrency types.

How is the Dogecoin amount calculated?

The Dogecoin amount is calculated based on the current market rate minus a 3% payment processing fee.

You can see the current market rate at:

What happenes to unclaimed funds?

We want Muffel’s balance to go to the adopting family as a way to say thank you for providing a loving home and to help with pet care expenses. In the unfortunate event we cannot contact them and verify the adoption, Muffel’s balance will remain in our general Dogecoin fund. This fund may be used to match contributions made to other adoptable pets, incentify other adoption-related actions, promote our mission, or support the operating expenses of We appreciate your generosity and help!