Cat adoption in Laramie, WY, 82070
American Shorthair (short coat) Cat


About this Cat

Rusty and his brother Jeffurry came to LAWS when they were just a few days old.  They were bottle fed and cared for with great love.  They have since blossomed into handsome and charming little kittens.  Rusty initially was the independent brother and always seemed to be in charge, but he has since turned into a serious snuggle bug.  He does love to play and gets along well with other kittens, cats, and gentle dogs.  But he won’t pass up an opportunity to snuggle on the couch and watch tv.  Rusty spends quite a bit of time playing with his brother and other foster siblings.  He loves all types of toys and is rather energetic.  He also enjoys sitting in the windows, watching the birds and soaking in the sunshine.  Rusty is an all around great kitten with a dynamic little personality.  He is sweet, fun, and even tempered.  He is loved very much by his foster family and will be greatly missed.  It is their hope that he finds a wonderful, loving, and kind forever family!

How much would you like to contribute to Rusty's wallet?


$30 USD will add 93.051 Dogecoin to Rusty's wallet.

How will Rusty receive the dogecoin?

The adopting family is the only party eligible to receive the Dogecoin. The adopting family will be required to provide proof of adoption between 4-6 weeks after adoption. This is to ensure that the home is a good match and Rusty was not returned. After we have verified the adoption, Rusty’s Dogecoin balance will be sent to the adopting family. Our staff provides instructions and help throughout this process.

Can I pay with Dogecoin?

Yes, on the next step of this process, you will see the option to pay with Dogecoin or other Cryptocurrency types.

How is the Dogecoin amount calculated?

The Dogecoin amount is calculated based on the current market rate minus a 3% payment processing fee.

You can see the current market rate at:

What happenes to unclaimed funds?

We want Rusty’s balance to go to the adopting family as a way to say thank you for providing a loving home and to help with pet care expenses. In the unfortunate event we cannot contact them and verify the adoption, Rusty’s balance will remain in our general Dogecoin fund. This fund may be used to match contributions made to other adoptable pets, incentify other adoption-related actions, promote our mission, or support the operating expenses of We appreciate your generosity and help!