Charlie C

Hamilton, MT 59840


About this pet

COURTESY LISTING Please fill out the GPRM application and applicants that fit the qualifications will be passed along to the current owner for consideration. Adoption fee will apply. Charlie the Newfie is looking for his forever home. He is approximately 5 years old, is neutered and up to date on shots, and needs a Newfie experienced (or large breed) home. He needs: No other dogs – he is very dog aggressive Does OK with cats – will get in their face at times, but has not attacked them Quiet country home with very large fenced in back yard with strong fencing, 6 ft.+ high New owner needs to have had lots of experience with Giant breed rescue dogs and the baggage they bring with them New owner should have lots of love and patience for Charlie’s antics New owner has to work from home, be retired or have a secured, calm place to put Goofy during the day His positive attributes: Very smart and very quick to learn – he wants to please In the house he will find a quiet spot and lay down  He has never soiled in the house not even once Adores his person – he follows me around wherever I am in the house He’s only 27 inches at the shoulders – not as big as some Newfies – very compact and very muscular  He loves water – will drink from the hose and loves to be sprayed with the hose He will play ball and toss but will also rip apart toys if allowed.   Is crate trained but getting him into the crate is another story Negative attributes: Very stubborn Very dominant even though neutered Has no impulse control  Does not know how to walk quietly or gently on a leash Extreme separation anxiety when left alone to the point of destruction He is a digger    

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