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NOELANI NEEDS A FOREVER HOME!!!! Name:  Noelani Best Guess for Breed:  Chihuahua mix Best Guess for Age:  1 year as of 3/2020      SEX:  male Approximate Weight:  20lbs Gets Along With:  other dogs! Currently Living at:  In a foster home! Special adoption considerations: Noelani is incredibly shy and will need to go to a home without any kids under fifteen and with a a confident second dog. Noelani is Looking For: I am incredibly shy and still trying to figure out what's the deal with living with humans! I promise if you give me some time and let me get used to you, I will be your best friend forever!! In the meantime, I need a quiet home with no kids and with a doggy sibling that can help me come out of my shell. I would love a human or two who speaks to me gently and understands that I'll take some time to come around and gain some bravery. What My Foster Says About Me: After a week in foster, shy Noelani is slowly starting to come out of his shell and share a bit of his personality.  He is initiating play with my dog, and even playing with a few toys on his own.  He loves spending his days in the backyard, where he now feels safe.  He does not want to venture beyond the yard for walks just yet though.  In the house, he stays in his bed.  He doesn’t volunteer for human contact (and still shies away from it), but once he’s in your lap, he’ll pretty quickly relax and let you rub his back for as long as you'd like!  We typically have been having cuddle times for a half an hour once or twice a day.  He definitely is relaxed, so I think he enjoys it, even if he would never volunteer for it. Very soft coat, actually, and he does not shed. This vulnerable dog is looking for a quiet home with patient humans who will take the time to slowly earn his trust.  Noelani already has shown me that he is trying really hard to overcome his fears and I know he can do it!   5/1 update: I have had Noelani for a month now, and his transformation has been nothing short of remarkable.  For example, lately Noelani has been inviting me to play!  He does this by grunting, woofing and play bowing until I oblige him by chasing him in circles around the backyard.  His exhausted smile afterward warms my heart!  While Noelani is steadily gaining confidence, he still has fears to work through, so he will need a patient adopter.  A yard and a playful canine companion would be a huge plus for him as well. 5/26 update:  Noelani continues to make huge strides in conquering his fears. Recently, he discovered the great outdoors beyond the backyard.  Now, his enthusiasm for exploration knows no bounds.  When he hears me pick up the leashes, he runs and jumps with gleeful anticipation.  We have settled into an easy and comfortable daily routine, and Noelani is well on his way to living his best life! Lucky Dog cannot guarantee any dog is housebroken.  All of our dogs are working on their crate training.  TO ADOPT: The adoption fee for this dog is $350, which includes the cost of routine vetting, including vaccinations and spay/neuter. If you are interested in adopting, please complete the Adoption Questionnaire online HERE . Lucky Dog Animal Rescue does our best to provide accurate information about the dogs we have for adoption. That said, we cannot make any guarantees about age, breed or temperament. Thank you for contacting Lucky Dog Animal Rescue and helping to save a life!  Please visit us online at .  BE A FOSTER!!!  Fosters make it possible for Lucky Dog Animal Rescue to save and care for homeless and abandoned dogs!  To learn about fostering, please contact [email protected]! BE A SPONSOR!!!!  Sponsors help Lucky Dog support the many dogs we save.  To learn more about sponsorship, please contact [email protected] !