Mr Peepers

Hightstown, NJ 08520

  • Name : For The Love of Birds
  • Phone/Email : (609) 582-4909
  • Breed : Budgie/Budgerigar
  • Gender : Male
  • Size : Small

About this pet

Hatch Date: Approximately 2018 Mr Peepers is a young spunky male budgie, about 2 years old. He lived with 6 cockatiels but had his own cage. Mr Peepers would chirp to them. He is in a foster home with 5 of his former house mates. While he still has his own cage, he prefers hanging out with the cockatiels and they don't mind having him around. Now that he is out of quarantine and moved into a bedroom with 3 additional cockatiels, Mango the lovebird and two finches, he is loving it. Mango used to live with a green budgie and is quite taken with Mr. Peepers. He is loving the attention. He is not a skilled flyer, but is full flighted. Hopefully with more practice he will get the landing part of flying down pat. His left wing hangs low, but it doesn't seem to hamper him. He was found outside, so could have been from a prior injury.  Mr. Peepers is not hand tame and is a little skittish around people. He will thrive in a home with other small birds to hand out with. Other budgies would be ideal, but cockatiels are fine too.  Mr Peepers is being fostered in Hightstown, NJ If you are interested in adopting him, please complete an adoption application at