ACD Harvest Moon

Remus, MI 49340


About this pet

All dogs listed here, require an application for adoption, before any questions or meet and greet appointment. Find the application at or www.cowdogrescue.com3-2-20 Harvest Moon comes into rescue as a shelter transfer. Her paperwork shows she is at least 6 years old. She was in the same shelter in 2015. She has some fear aggression that shows behind a barrier. She makes good strides every day, and we are happy with her trying to be good. The first day out in the exercise yard, she hid in the back corner, so we are sure it is just a fear response. 3-8-20 Today, there was no barking at the fence. Even when she barked before, if we went into her place, she is not following through, and just acts silly. We see that she was "drugged" when she arrived, and in our experience, this makes these dogs show "aggression".I wish I could stop this trend with shelter dogs being drugged. We are looking for a quiet companion and home for an adopter who has patience to help her relax in her golden years. Her adoption fee is for a Senior, since we do not know her true age. She has had a recent dental, as she had infected teeth and gums. (She is still on soft food)