Raleigh, NC 27615


About this pet

Sadie is a 50 lb Australian Cattle dog mix. She is a sweet senior and just turned 9, but has no health issues. She's incredibly sweet and loves all people and most dogs (she occasionally dislikes certain dogs on a walk- usually larger dogs) but I think with a proper introduction she would be ok with almost all dogs if they aren't aggressive towards her. She lives with a cat and does well with older children. We have to rehome her because she feels threatened by our toddler and we can't keep the two of them apart. She needs a home with no young children who will sneak up on her or try to touch her feet (she's sensitive about her feet- but she lets adults touch them). She is an absolute love and will go on walks with you or nap with you. She's completely low maintenance and the easiest dog ever. She just can't be around small children.

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