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I need to rehome my pup, Sophie. She was raised alone and just does not mesh well with other dogs, especially females. We’ve blended households, and we can’t seem to calm her territorial attitude. She’s an 8 year old mixed breed and weighs about 60 pounds. She’s well-trained and up to date on all her vaccines. Sophie would be best for a household with no other dogs or small children. She is loving, loyal, and sweet. She really is a great companion and cuddle buddy. She loves trips to the beach and car rides. Sophie will not try to run off, doesn’t have accidents, and never chews anything. She doesn’t jump on people and she’s not rambunctious. She’s really a good girl and listens very well. Currently, she has to spend too much time in the kennel since she and our other dog do not get along. I can tell this is taking a toll on her and I need to get her in a home where she can relax and have her space. We are also expecting our first child and I just know she will not have the attention she deserves. Please share or reach out if you have anyone in mind.

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