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Mix Shepherd/Pit Dog


About this Dog

Callie is an 18 month old Shepherd/Pit mix. She has lived in our home for over a year. We rescued her from a local shelter but unfortunately she has just never gelled with our existing pack. She has been great 95% of the time but unfortunately has shown signs of food aggression, resource guarding, as well as occasional attacking of the other dogs. She has even nipped our youngest daughter. We have tried behavior and obedience training... which has helped at times but she always seems to come back to square one after her good streaks. We truly feel she would do best as an only dog. She is crate trained and house trained. Knows commands (sit, stay, paw, lay down, go to cage, heel). She is a great dog but we are heartbroken we have come to this point. We feel helpless and only want the best for Callie while keeping the safety of our family in mind as well.

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