Dog adoption in Colton, CA, 92324
Pitbull Dog

  • Name : Beau
  • Breed : Pitbull
  • Gender : Male
  • Size : medium
  • Location : Colton, CA 92324

About this Dog

Rehoming our pitbull. Beau is a beautiful two and a half year old, male, brindle Pitbull with golden eyes. He is neutered, approximately 18in tall at the shoulder, and weighs about 50lbs, with an athletic build. He is happy little sweetheart that is loving and very energetic. We have two other males dogs that he gets along with without any issue and a cat that he is very gentle with when playing. Unfortunately, he is aggressive with any other dog that comes close to our yard and tried to fight them. My friend has been kind enough to foster him for the past few months and can no longer do so. He shows absolutely no anger at all when pulling or poking at any part of his body, feeding him, or when we play rough with him. He is potty and leash trained. He loves car rides, playing ball, and going for a run everyday. We have taken him everywhere with us, the park, camping, hiking, long car rides, he does it all. He is my baby and I am so sad we can no longer keep him because we are renting. We are hoping to find him a loving home with someone that is able to spend time with him and does not have other dogs or is able to apply adequate time training with him to ensure he gets along with another dog.

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