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Tabby Cat

  • Name : Violet
  • Breed : Tabby
  • Gender : Female
  • Size : medium
  • Location : , 22783

About this Cat

Quite plump tabby cat and green and blue hue color eyes spots on the body about a year and a half old was picked up from a shelter a landlord had discovered her eating I guess the remains of human scraps she only eats dry food hates wet food loves human scraps will eat a lot of dry food however likes to play with toys mice or toys on a on a stick like a string excessively shy her tail was broken off at the tip more like bent not completely broken off but it's like bent and crooked due to abuse of the previous owners my daughter decide to bring both cats home moved away doesn't want them and I'm disabled and I'm looking to rehome them as I cannot take care of barely myself let alone both of these animals I am bedridden at the moment had two surgeries and two weeks back-to-back I need help I need somebody to adopt them they were picked up as kittens and they've kind of grown up together she's the one that looks at the camera the one that is not look at the camera is handicapped her name is Lucy has a broken wrist that never healed properly she has stripes also a tabby greenish eyes it would be nice if I can rehome both of them since they've been together for the past year or so since they were picked up from my shelter my daughter does not want to take responsibility for her pets and she's moved 900 mi away I need help she has dumped them on top of disabled people and I told her I would not be able to take care of those pets.

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