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Just a little over one year old, 65 lbs female, black & tan GSD. I’ve had Val since she was 8 weeks old. She’s an incredibly sweet girl with lots of energy! She’s been through one-on-one training with a professional dog trainer and is very obedient. Great with other dogs and children of all ages - not so good with cats. She’s been on a very high quality diet since she was 8 weeks and I’ve noticed she will turn her nose to a lot of foods. She has a flea allergy and has been on an oral flea medication due to other preventatives (topical, collar, etc.) not working. Val is an awesome dog who needs more space, playtime, and attention than I can give. I planned to move into a house with a yard but due to financial reasons from the pandemic, I have to stay in my one bedroom apartment. Ideally, I would like someone who has had experience owning a large breed dog, especially German Shepherds. Her ideal new home would be a family, someone with another playful pup, or someone with an active lifestyle (running, hiking, and biking are some of her favorites).

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