Cat adoption in Malad City, ID, 83252
Tabby Cat

  • Name : Jasper
  • Breed : Tabby
  • Gender : Male
  • Size : medium
  • Location : Malad City, ID 83252

About this Cat

Jasper will be 3 in April. He is a black and brown tabby although you can only see his stripes in the direct sunlight. He is 15 lbs. He looks mainly black. He was abandoned behind a store at less than 2 weeks old. We bottle fed him, he was raised in a home as the only cat but he gets along well with our miniature Goldendoodle. He had his claws surgically removed to save our Doodles face in his younger days. He can be temperamental due to some PTSD (from a car accident) he likes to be alone and find piles of warm laundry or a soft cuddly blanket. When he gets used to you he will cuddle and love you on his terms. Sadly we are rehoming because we can’t find an apartment that will allow my daughter to keep him and my HOA will not allow it. We believe he will do well in a quieter home as loud noises trigger him. He handles silly girl stuff here but anything with little kids is probably not the best situation. He has been around other dogs and if they are trained he does great. Jasper needs a home that will keep him inside and is willing to be patient with him as he takes a little while to come around and get used to things. He really can be sweet, we are all heartbroken to let him go but we have no choice right now...

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