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Myles is a one-year-old, 35 pound, hound mix. He's also mixed with some kind of working dog; most likely a herding or hunting dog. He was taken in by the Harnett County animal shelter on October 1st, where he was found as a stray, and then transferred to the SPCA of Wake County. We adopted him October 10th and have realized we're not as compatible as we wanted to be. He is the cutest dog on this planet and is a great snuggler, but he is obviously very bored and unhappy living in our one bedroom apartment. We take him on many walks and play MANY games of tug-o-war, but despite all these measures, the amount of energy he has makes it very hard for him to relax without having a yard or other dog to keep him company. Currently, Myles is learning how to have manners and how to greet dogs. He is a classic leash tugger and loves to sniff on walks, and gets frustrated when he can't see every dog and human within a mile radius. Off leash, he's made a few dog friends that wear him out in no time. Ideally, I would like to rehome Myles with a family that can take turns giving him attention, with a fenced in yard, and a dog sibling! He loves his current cat sibling, but the cat is too old to play and Myles gets sad. I've cried many times in the past month at the thought of losing him, but I'm no dummy, and I know he needs to be with a family better equipped to keep him entertained.

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