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Hi hi! Lucy is a sweet chonky void who’s black with bright green eyes. She’s chipped, spayed, and up to date on all her vaccinations! I am rehoming Lucy because I am moving overseas and the trip would be too dangerous for Lucy- otherwise I would absolutely take her with me! I have until the beginning of December to find a place for her. She’s a sensitive and shy cat- very submissive. She does have a funny and silly personal that comes out as she gets to know you. She lives lounging in sun puddles and monching her fave Foods, as well as cuddles during meals, at bedtime, and generally all day long. She takes medicine for anxiety and the occasional overgroom which leaves her in the ecollar at times. Given her submissiveness and anxiousness she does seem better suited for a home as the only cat or pet. THAT SAID, she did live peacefully with a well-trained German shepherd for a few years, and that is the only other animal I have seen her interface with, but she is not aggressive at all when she’s scared- she’s a pancaker, not a slasher. If you choose to give Lucy a home she will come with a stash of medicine and food, as well as a litter box and some of her fave cat litter. I’m also willing to provide good details on how I have bonded with her so the transition can go smoothly. Please help me find this sweet baby a home!

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