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SIX WEEK UPDATE -- six weeks old on Sept. 29 ... should be good to go mid-October. Top three playful kittens. Eye color just starting to change, still not determined. On all solid food, canned, dry kitten kibble and dry adult food at will. This boi likes his tendies. Very pretty face, first picture. Second picture, sister Lucy in the Sky attak. Last picture is the five week portrait. Does well with with humans, curious and tolerant of handling. Likes to cuddle, loves to play with toys. Litter training not yet determined. FIVE WEEK INTRO: The baby of the fab five litter. Last born, biggest cat. should be good to go in mid-October. A handsome lad, silver tabby with a charming rust spot on the top of his head. Eye color not yet matured. Personality: Playbaby. Top three in the litter for play interactions with his siblings, loves toys. Food preference: Yes, please. Shaping up to be a good choice for companion to binge watch vids and share a pizza. Litter box: first to use litter area unprompted. At 5 weeks. I am impressed. Please check back for updates on the Fab Five in the coming weeks...on the schedule: introduction to other adult cats, a dog, and to a toddler human. Updates on toilet training as well. I sincerely hope one of these kittens will be your best companion. Please donate to your local network of no-kill shelters. What a job these dedicated people do for all of us.

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