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SIX WEEKS UPDATE: Really developing his personality with humans, starting to 'talk' when spoken to. FIVE WEEK NOTES: Available soon...the Fab Five Neighbor had to move, adopted their cat -- she was a surprise package. Kittens born the morning of Aug. 18. Good to go mid October. Firstborn: Male, orange cream tabby. His eyes are just beginning to change. Mom Cat has deep gold eyes, looks like he might have the same. Food preference: Good eater, canned food, dry kitten chow and regular adult dry food, still nursing. Personality: #1 of the litter for human interaction -- always the first to approach a new foot. Mom Cat needed a bit of time during the birth process, so he was kept warm and has been literally handled since shortly after birth. He's a real people person. In the top three of the kittens playful with his siblings, and top three to explore the environment -- boldly goes. Calm when picked up. Litter training: undetermined right now.

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