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Black Lab/Heeler Dog


About this Dog

Titan was born on July, 29th 2019. I took him in from my family. They did not treat him like a family member. They abused him, didn’t really care for him, and wanted to permanently get rid of him. I’ve had him for a couple weeks to a month. I have tried to find him a new loving home. I really wanted to find a family that I knew that I could trust to take him in and treat him like family. Unfortunately I have had no success, so I have decided to reach out for some help. I cannot keep him. I already have 2 adopted dogs and my first born baby on the way. He needs lots of training. He knows how to sit. I have kennel trained him and is now learning that it his kennel is a safe place for him, and will go in willingly. He is not house trained. He loves being outside, playing with other dogs, and loves to play in the water. But does not like baths of course. He is very energetic, and needs a family that will take him on daily adventures. He is very cautious of new people/children. He needs to be properly introduced to anyone that comes into his home. He is especially cautious around males, due to being abused by them. He has had his first round of shots when he was a puppy, but has not had any vet visits since.

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