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American short hair Cat


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I took Stoker off the streets about two years ago and had a thorough medical evaluation done by Med Vet. In addition to being FIV positive, it was discovered that he had but one functioning kidney and a small bladder. I signed him up for Banfield's wellness program and he has been seen regularly since. He is expected to live a long healthy life in spite of his conditions. With me he has been a playful happy cat. However recently though, he attacked my older cat and inflicted some serious wounds. The two cats have always hissed at each other and exchanged passing swipes, but nothing serious. As hard as it is to let him go, I can't allow this to potentially happen again, so I must re-home him. I'm 82; have no family and all my friends have died, so I cannot secure a home for him on my own. Local adoption places like Petsmart are full or will not accept a five year old cat.

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