Cat adoption in Waterbury, CT, 06705
Unknown Cat
"Kiki & Boomer"

  • Name : Kiki & Boomer
  • Breed : Unknown
  • Gender :
  • Size : medium
  • Location : Waterbury, CT 06705

About this Cat

There are 2 loving great cats who are in the need of a home. Kiki is male about 3 or 4yrs old. He's very friendly with everyone. Hates loud noise or sudden fast movements. He will lay with you, loves the attention and belly rubs. As far as I've noticed, hes good with other cats. Not sure how he is around dogs. Boomer is female about 2yrs of age. She don't get close to other humans except for me. Although she has gotten much better with that since her litter. She is a great mother whom also enjoys being a mom. She is not fixed. I'm a high believer not ripping motherhood away. Yet I also understand the over population of homeless cats and other animals. It's a impossible situation. She can get claustrophobic if in a small space and does not like to be held but will lay on you or beside you. She's a very friendly cat but she's female so she can get an attitude like one. It's normal! She can get territorial , the only cats I've seen her get along with are Kiki and her babies. So she would do better in a home with no other animals unless you're taking Kiki. I would like these cats to be adopted together as they are pretty much inseparable. They are each other's companion since day one. They are both indoor outdoor cats. So please make sure you live in a safe neighborhood. No busy streets or Highway nearby. You might be able to turn Kiki into an indoor cat but not Boomer. She will find a way to sneak out! A home with a big yard, A condo complex, a quiet neighborhood would be perfect for them! A big area for them to roam around. I'm moving and cannot take them with me.

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